Researching areas without a lot of research For a doctoral seminar I am in, one of the requirements is to compile a specific number of references in support of my research topic. Since my topic centers around how predictors of student behavior variables have not changed since... Read more

Data Science in Higher Education Book Available Data Science in Higher Education is now officially in print, and I couldn’t be more relieved to finally get in print all the lessons learned over the years. My research for this book has led me to a very grim... Read more

Quantifying the Accreditation Process When it’s time to start preparing for accreditation, California community college administrators may be on edge because they are at a higher risk for sanction than any other community college in the nation (California State Auditor, 2014, p. 3). For... Read more

Nginx - Proper 443 (HTTPS) and WWW Redirecting Recently I was working on a project that required an Nginx server to redirect all traffic to, and by all traffic I mean anything that did not start with needed to be rewritten to that. This included: Read more

Trends in Doctoral Conferrals from 2008 to 2013 After taking a look at some data from the NSF about doctoral recipients by major field of study (1983-2013), I noticed something very interesting: All fields have experienced growth in the number of conferred doctorates except for Education. Here’s the... Read more

Hacking TurnItIn's Originality Report The other day I was working with TurnItIn’s Originality Report feature because my professor wanted to see that I was using it to examine my drafts. I don’t mind using tools to help me write; I tend to go from... Read more

Moving Parts Today you’ll notice that my site looks drastically different. Okay, maybe not drastically, but definitely not the same. That’s because I’ve entirely migrated away from WordPress and am now using static files to host this site. This is 100% due... Read more

Update on Gainful Employment Key Takeaways Starting January 1, 2017, GE Program Disclosures will require an additional piece of information: the Programmatic Cohort Default Rate (pCDR) Earnings data will be created by the DoE using SSA data and made available to institutions sometime mid-2016... Read more